Our Source

Here at Tact-Isle Toys, we are very proud of our little island and would love to share its beauty with you.

The wood we use in our products is grown on the Isle of Wight from one woodland and sustainably harvested through coppicing.

Prior to our woodsman adopting the wood in 1995, it had been neglected for many years and was approximately last coppiced in the 1900s. Thanks to his regular management regime, there has been a positive impact on the wildlife and an increase in barn owl and badger activity.

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Adaptable Bumbles

We are able to alter the design of our Bumbles and their screws to enable your child to explore them.

About Us

Our Bumble Dolls are made from sustainable, coppiced wood, grown on the Isle of Wight.

Handmade Bundles

These make fantastic gifts for everyone and each come with a story that will surely impress.

Sourced Locally (IOW)

The exact age of the woodland is unknown, however, it is designated as a semi natural ancient woodland. The woodland was a part of an estate which has been mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086.

Trees in the Tact-Isle Toys woodland have been selectively felled in order to open up the canopy,  allowing light to reach the ground to encourage regeneration and new growth.

There are several species of trees in the woods, including oak, ash (standards) with a hazel understory. These are being managed through coppicing which is a traditional method of woodland management dating back to the Stone Age.

Nice straight rods are produced through coppicing and historically, these have been used to make hurdles, thatching spars and now wooden dolls and dowel.

Tact-Isle Toys’ wood, as well as its finished products, have been CE tested by an independent lab so you can be sure, as well as being safe for the future of the woodland, they are safe for your children too.