Our Method

We are lucky enough to work in partnership with a local woodsman who is highly skilled at keeping the ancient craft of the pole lathe alive.

A pole lathe is a wood-turning lathe that uses the elasticity within a long pole as a return spring for a treadle.

Pressing the treadle pulls on a cord that is usually wrapped around the piece of wood being turned. The other end of the cord reaches up to the end of a long springy pole. As the action is reciprocating, the work rotates in one direction and then back the other way. Cutting is only carried out on the down stroke of the treadle, the spring of the pole only being sufficient to return the treadle to the raised position ready for the next down stroke.

Adaptable Bumbles

We are able to alter the design of our Bumbles and their screws to enable your child to explore them.

About Us

Our Bumble Dolls are made from sustainable, coppiced wood, grown on the Isle of Wight.

Handmade Bundles

These make fantastic gifts for everyone and each come with a story that will surely impress.
Our Method Of Handmade Bumbles Creations

Handcrafted with a Story

This fascinating tool can be traced back to, at least, the Viking Age (793-1066 AD)! So when we say we’re taking an old-school approach to the future of wooden toys, we mean it!

The pole lathe uses ‘green wood’ (freshly cut as opposed to seasoned). Therefore, when it dries after being turned, it shrinks and can become slightly elliptical which adds to each unique piece.

We view each doll as a work of art as well as a toy and would love you to meet the family.