Adapted Bundles

Alongside Bumbling, we work our ‘real jobs’ with people who have diverse abilities and additional needs. We are passionate that every child should meet a Bumble and if our standard design doesn’t work for them then we need to change that!

We are able to alter the design of our Bumbles and their screws to enable your child to explore them or allow them to be represented.

Due to the level of consultation needed, Adapted Bumbles are only available through direct messages via Facebook, Instagram or email. You are welcome to place an order for any in stock Bumble and then contact us to discuss requirements.

As we all know, Bumbles aren’t just for children, they are enjoyable for adults too and a great fiddle toy. Their large size means they are accessible for individuals who struggle with fine motor skills and our Barky Bumbles in particular are very tactile and therapeutic.

We are more than happy to add additional paintwork to any Bumble for free to better represent your child e.g feeding tubes and hearing aids – just send us a message, let your child be seen!

 Please note – we do not make copyrighted characters for sale. 

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Our Source

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that all of our materials are sourced locally on the Isle of Wight.

About Us

Our Bumble Dolls are made from sustainable, coppiced wood, grown on the Isle of Wight.

Handmade Bundles

These make fantastic gifts for everyone and each come with a story that will surely impress.